Event Lighting Ideas

3 Best Event Lighting Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

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Event lighting is arguably one of the best ways to make your event an exciting and memorable one; it has the power to make or break the audiences’ experience at a corporate event, dance, awards ceremony, and more! Along with being one of the greatest ways to get your attendees talking about your event and sharing pictures amongst their social networks for months after, event lighting is easily the most fun for event designers and lighting engineers to get creative with! Keep reading if you want to see some crazy ideas to drop the jaws of the attendees at your next event using creative event lighting! Read More

AV Rentals

5 Must-Haves for AV Rentals

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If there is anything in this world that we know for sure, it is that we completely understand how difficult it can be for an event planner to plan for AV rentals! With hundreds, if not thousands, of moving parts that come into play with AV rentals, not including the other dimensions of an event that are necessary to the success of the event. So, planning an event and don’t know where to start with AV rentals? We’ve got you covered! Read More

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Einsteins’ Favorites: 7 Life Lessons from Albert Einstein, 5 Reasons Why Your Meeting Is Boring, and How Your Brain Processes Logos

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It’s that time of the week for some Einsteins’ Favorites; on Fridays we like to share 3 of our favorite articles we encountered throughout the week with topics ranging anywhere from life hacks to event trends! This week we have 7 Life Lessons from Einstein, himself, 5 Tips on How Your Meeting May Be Boring, and The Connection Between Your Brain and Logos, enjoy! Read More

video mapped mural - event decor

Event Decor: 3 Unique Ideas to “Wow” Your Attendees

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Though every event is different and may have varying themes, there are a few trends that are just recently breaking ground in the events industry that, we believe, has room in nearly any themed event! One of the largest, overarching trends, however, is interactive designs and layouts. With that said, we will be observing several different interactive event decor that includes event murals and chalk boards. Crazy, right? Read More

Customer Service Graphic

1 Story of Great Customer Service That Will Improve Your Day

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If you read our blog post earlier this week, you probably know that this week is Customer Service Week, hooray! For those of you who did not read the blog we posted earlier this week, it is Customer Service Week this week! With this said, we feel it is important to highlight all of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to customer service because it is such an important dimension of the business world, let alone the events industry. We asked on Monday that everyone who was willing and able to submit their best and worst customer service experiences, and to our surprise, we received overwhelming stories of great experiences. This goes to show how demonstrating great customer service can go a long way (it made it all the way to us!). Read More

Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week: Sharing your Best and Worst Customer Experiences

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I think we can speak for everyone when we say, we all have that one story we like to abuse (and maybe over-stretch a bit) to compete with other friends’ stories of their worst customer service experiences, whether it is getting stuck on hold for an hour before talking to a real help desk representative about how to unwind your shirt sleeve from the garbage disposal or it’s Sunday night and your 6th grade child left a poster-board project until last minute, thinking you had glue sticks leftover from last project (which no one ever does so don’t feel bad) and you had to consequently drive to the craft store to get some (only it’s 5:53 pm and the store closes at 6:00 pm but the manager that night decided to not let you into the store, knowing full well that you were plenty capable of getting in and out by 5:58 pm). My point is that a bad customer experience is fairly common in the world and can range from minor to severe, potentially becoming detrimental to a company’s reputation. Unfortunately, bad customer service experiences run rampant in the events industry which makes us wonder why event planning is the 5th most stressful career in the country (cue audience laughter). Read More

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Einsteins’ Favorites: 22 Tips to Beat Stress, Why Vacations Are Important for Productivity, and The Art of Secret Events

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With event planning and event managing the 5th most stressful career in the United States, we thought it would be appropriate to share these 22 power-actions one can do to overcome even the most stressful of situations. Don’t know where to start? Not to worry, the author of the following article has designed a process of multiple steps to take to conquer any stressful situation. Article here! Read More


Audience Engagement 101: Guide to Planning Relevant Corporate Events

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Last week, we left Audience Engagement 101 off with “3 Radical Ways to Transform a Main Session from Boring to Brilliant” where we talked about arched seating layouts, video mapping, and CrowdMics. If you missed out, be sure to stay in the loop by reading the article here!

We are going to kick off this week by getting more into the bread and butter, bread and butter meaning psychology, behind what makes a corporate event something all attendees can benefit from.

One thing to consider before booking keynote speakers and developing an agenda is to ask yourself, what kind of event am I producing and who am I producing it for? Statistically, most adults are visual or kinesthetic learners, meaning learning by physical activity or with visual aid rather than listening to lectures and keynotes is more effective. Funny how the majority of corporate events are focused on sitting in large, cold, and dark rooms watching highly-qualified individuals talking about a particular subject matter.

To avoid putting your attendees to sleep and to actively engage participants in whatever corporate event you may be planning, I would recommend considering these 3 crazy ideas for captivating corporate event participants. Read More

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International Events Month: Biggest & Best Events of October 2014

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Yesterday,October 1st, was the official start of International Events Month and we would like to celebrate our industry by shedding light on some of the biggest and best events and festivals of October 2014. Grab a sweater, some craft beer, and maybe a pumpkin-spiced muffin, if that’s the way you like to roll, and enjoy International Events Month! Read More

Avoid an AV Disaster

8 Tips to Avoid AV Production Disasters: Webinar Recap

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If you were around last week, you may remember catching wind of a certain webinar with a certain president of an AV production company and if you happened to have missed this certain webinar, you are in luck; we have compiled a list of the 8 main points mentioned in the webinar with Will Curran, President of Endless Entertainment, focusing on providing listeners with insight on how to avoid some of the worst mistakes one could experience when planning for AV production. We are all on the same team here in the events industry and your AV company should be there to help make your event the best it can possibly be! With that said, here’s how you can prepare for working with the AV company to make the most of your event: Read More

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