Staff Spotlight: Will Curran – President

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Every Friday for the next couple of months we will be having a Staff Spotlight blog, highlighting one member of our incredible staff each week. This week we’re going to take a look at Endless’ President, Will Curran.

How would you describe what you do to someone who doesn’t work here?

The best way that I can describe what I do is by saying that I am the propellent or the gasoline to the fire for the company. I push the vision of the company, come up with new ideas that help us achieve that vision, and make sure that everyone is on track to achieve those goals. I am also a big relationship builder. As the face of the company, I try to be in front of as many of our clients as possible, constantly building relationships, and getting feedback to help us improve and grow. Read More


100-200 Attendees are the Sweet Spot for Event Planners [Survey by Planning Pod]

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According to a recent survey conducted by Planning Pod event management software  (www.planningpod.com) more than half of the 218 event planners who responded (51%) said that their average event attendance was between 100 and 200 guests.

Another 25% stated that average attendance at their events was between 200 and 300 people, while only 12% plan typically events with an average attendance of more than 300 people.

“The event planners we surveyed plan a variety of social and corporate events,” said Jeff Kear, co-founder of Planning Pod. “Their responses echo what we have been seeing for the last few years, in that a head count between 100 and 300 people is the sweet spot for the event planning industry, and especially between 100 and 200 guests.”

When it comes to the largest events the respondents have planned, almost half (44%) reported that their largest event was between 250-500 attendees. However, 15% have planned events larger than 1,000 guests, while another 14% stated that their largest event was between 500 and 1,000 guests.

“Large events are great for event planners, venues and vendors from a revenue standpoint but are much rarer than events in the 100-300 attendee range,” said Kear. “With events smaller than 100 guests the clients often plan the event themselves. Plus for smaller events you often have economies of scale working against you and the margins might be a bit thinner.”

As proof of this, almost half of the professional event planners who responded (46%) said that the minimum budget they will work with is $10,000.

As for the workloads that event managers carry, 31% are planning at least 11 events at a time and 28% are planning between 6-10 events at a time.

“The results on event planner workloads is interesting because there are quite a few planners who plan fewer, higher-end events with larger price tags as well as some who work part time and simply plan fewer events,” said Kear. “And then there are the planners who do more volume, in that 9% of the respondents plan between 21 and 30 events at a time and another 10% plan between 16 and 20 events at a time.”

About Planning Pod – Planning Pod provides easy-to-use online event management software that simplifies how event professionals and venues plan and track event details. Compatible with any device, Planning Pod’s Web-based event planning app features 26+ tools for managing everything from budgets, schedules, calendars and tasks to attendee lists, event websites and table layouts.

Jeff Kear, Co-Owner


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einsteins favorites NEW

Einsteins’ Favorites: Event Magic, Non-Profit Social Media Use, and Events as Adult Playgrounds

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Here are a few of our favorite articles that were recently posted!

5 Feelings That Make Event Magic Happen

stock-footage-happy-group-of-people-of-mixed-age-and-race-celebrating-a-joyous-event-they-are-jumping-andIt is often quite hard to describe a specific reason why we LOVED a particular event. Staying away from mechanical event planning can help us invoke feelings in our attendees to make the event unique, memorable, and give your event magic. Creating interactive means with which attendees can have fun at your event will boost the present emotions. Small snippets of frustration can also cause the overall event to be much more rewarding in the end (isn’t it more fun to watch a close football game instead of a blowout?). Utilizing a surprise can break the routine and cause a surge of energy and happiness amongst your attendees. Creating anticipation before and during the event can get peoples’ emotions running and get them excited. Finally, adding a little spontaneity to your event or providing times and areas that allow for spontaneity will allow your guests to really get into the moment and do whatever their heart desires.

Read more here: http://j.mp/WNht1O

Share the Wealth: 7 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

nonprofFundraising initiatives can unlock the great potential of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by following a few guidelines. First, make sure to utilize the power of hashtags across these platforms. Using the hashtag before the event can create buzz about the event beforehand, and being able to utilize a celebrity, influencer, or other social media user with a large reach can really get the event and hashtag in the minds of potential attendees. Use social sweepstakes, presenting a prize to a winner of a group of individuals who provide a donation through a link on social media. Post infographics to bring light to the cause behind the fundraiser to encourage donations. Gamify your event through social media by allowing attendees to earn points for sharing information about the event and the cause through their personal social media pages. Reach out to industry leaders to help crowdsource through social promotion. Make sure to provide a way for non-smartphone users at your event to be able to see what is being posted. Finally, don’t be afraid to use social media to ask for donations. Just be sure to use tact and give them a reason why!

Read more here: http://j.mp/WNhuCP

You Cannot Be Serious! Why Events are the Perfect Adult Playground

playWe don’t always view conferences, trade shows, and corporate events as a fun place to play (like a football game or a concert), but we can shift our view of these work-related events to make them more like an adult playground. By making “play”, such as music, humor, and games, an integral part of your event, you will see a handful of great outcomes. First, attendees will be relieved of stress associated with these events. Attendees will be calmer and easier to talk to and engage with. People will be less worried about failing. With the rigidness of a lot of corporate events, people tend to be afraid of failure, which in turn stifles creativity and innovative ideas. Play is scientifically proven to stimulate the imagination and boost problem-solving. Allowing guests to take down their walls and relax around each other is the best possible ice breaker, allowing people to network and grow relationships easier. This vibe will make your conference one that makes attendees excited to attend.

Read more here: http://j.mp/1qnqruN

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Event Spotlight: San Diego Comic-Con’s Funko Fundays 2014!

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Endless Entertainment made the trip out to San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend to provide production for Funko Fundays 2014! It was a hugely successful and fun event featuring new and rare Funko collectables, thousands of dollars worth of giveaways, a DJ and audio, lighting, and video provided by Endless Entertainment, a prize wheel, large pop box photo booth, and more. Attendees came from near and far to experience Fundays and had plenty of chances to get their hands on some new and rare items from Funko.

Read More

Sunday Talk: Rehan Choudhry – Understanding the Festival Generation

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Every Sunday we will be posting an interesting and relevant talk in a series aptly titled:

Sunday TED Talks

Some will be pertaining to business practices, some will be pertaining to marketing tactics, and some will be related to the industry. This week we are straying from the norm a bit and will be focusing on a non-TED talk, but a talk that is very relevant and applicable to the events industry. Here is founder of the Life is Beautiful festival, Rehan Choudhry, speaking on the social currency behind the growing festival culture.

Rehan Choudhry - Understanding the Festival Generation

Video link
Read More


Staff Spotlight: Matt Walker – Marketing Manager

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Every Friday for the next couple of months we will be having a Staff Spotlight blog, highlighting one member of our incredible staff each week. I have been asked a few times to do a spotlight on myself, so this week you’ll be learning a little bit more about me, Matt Walker, Endless’ Marketing Manager. Cool? Okay, let’s get into it:

How did you get started at Endless?

Back in October 2013 I started with Endless as an Event Manager. Back then I worked on-site at events with the rest of the event staff, but didn’t work out of the office much. The Marketing Manager position opened up a couple of months ago, so I filled the position and have been working in the office since May.

Read More


4 Easy Tips to Deal With Bad Weather at Events

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You’re planning an outdoor event a few months out. You’ve got audio, lights, entertainment, marketing, invites, and everything else in place and ready to go. The day of the event comes and, when you look outside, you see clouds and rain with no signs of going away.

Ever happened to you? 

Dealing with and preparing for bad weather is an inescapable issue when planning events outdoors. Even when conditions, locations, and time of the year are working in your favor, there’s still a chance of inclement weather taking a toll on your event. I had an event a couple of years ago in the middle of the summer in the desert of Arizona and, like clockwork, it ended up raining for the first time in two months on the day of the event. And that’s not counting plenty of other events I’ve worked where we had to deal with rain and storms (check me out in the picture at the top of the page…).

You can’t escape bad weather at events, but you CAN prepare for it! Let’s explore 4 simple ways that you can prepare for whatever comes when planning an outdoor event. Read More

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Endless is at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit!

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Will Curran, President of Endless Entertainment, was invited to attend the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit and is in Sydney, Australia for the summit from July 18-22, 2014. As a part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), the world’s leading peer-to-peer entrepreneur community, he will be in Australia for a week representing U.S. young entrepreneurs alongside young entrepreneurs from all over the world. Read More

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