Endless Attends Catalyst Week in Las Vegas

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Danny Fancher and Alisha Rickman, Endless’ Operations and Event Staff Managers respectively, set off for downtown Las Vegas last week to attend and take part in Catalyst Week. The event took place from Wednesday, August 20th to Saturday, August 23rd, 2014.

Catalyst Week, put on by CatalystCreativ, brings together leaders from many different locations and backgrounds. The Catalyst Week website describes the week as such: Read More


FYF Fest 2014 – The Good & The Bad

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FYF Fest is an annual music festival, focusing mainly on indie rock and electronic music, that takes place in downtown Los Angeles. The festival was started in 2004 by Torrance, California native Sean Carlson as a club festival. The popularity of the festival has exploded since then, moving from the Echo to LA Historic State Park. This year, FYF took place at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park on August 23rd & 24th, 2014. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of the music, food, and event layout/management at FYF this year. Read More

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Hollywood Bowl Hosts The Beatles’ 50th

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On August 23rd, 1964, The Beatles played the Hollywood Bowl for the first time. With tickets ranging from $3-$7, the international sensation of a band sold 18,700 tickets, selling out the Hollywood Bowl in less than three and a half hours. And this is before the internet! That’s some serious in-person ticket sales! On August 23rd, 24th, and 25th of this year, the Hollywood Bowl hosted three 50th anniversary shows commemorating their monumental debut at the historic venue, bringing Beatlemania to Los Angeles in full-force. Read More


How to Use Gobos to Create a Unique Event Experience

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You might be thinking to yourself - what is a gobo?

Gobos_largeA Gobo is a physical template, most commonly on steel or glass, which is placed in front of a light source to alter the shape of the light onto a surface. Deriving its name from “Go Between” or “Goes Before Optics”, this piece of metal or glass is used to block portions of the light source. Bat-signal_1989_filmCustom gobos allow you to display words, logos, shapes, and patterns on a wall, floor, ceiling, or any other large flat space in your venue. They are usually used in front of a static light source such as a leko and are placed in a gobo holder to hold the gobo in place within the light.

A good example of this type of light projection is the bat-signal shown in the Batman films and comic books. The bat-signal has a circular light shining in the sky with an opaque Batman logo preventing light from shining through it, resulting in a circular light in the sky with the Batman logo cut out of it. Read More


LED Basketball Court Helps Train Young Players

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Nike, teaming up with AKQA, recently rolled out a full-sized LED basketball court inside their China-based House of Mamba. As a part of the Nike RISE Tour, Kobe Bryant of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers came to the House of Mamba to host the RISE Tour event on location. 30 young basketball players from all over China were selected through an entry process to be able to come, test out, and train on this amazing LED court with one of the biggest stars in basketball. On top of looking amazing and providing top-notch visual effects, the LED playing surface displayed responsive drills based off of Bryant’s play and movement. Markers on the LED court show where players should be, how they can improve, and were used to train these young players.

In the first video below, you can see a quick peek into the building process of the court and its application at the event. The second video shows a longer, more detailed documentary of the event at the House of Mamba and the young players using the court.


Read More


5 Ways to Make an Awesome Booth Design

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There’s a good chance that you have attended some sort of conference, trade show, exhibition, or convention at some point in your career. So there you are, walking around, checking out some of the booths. Now think to yourself: what draws you in? What is the factor that makes you approach one booth over the other?

Chances are that there is no one particular factor, but that it is a combination of a few different factors. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways to make your booth design the best in the room!

1. Stand Out

stand outThe first suggestion is a pretty obvious one: STAND OUT! You are in a room with lots of other companies using their booths to try and win over the same business that you are trying to win. You need to figure out a way to make your booth catch their eye. Whether that means using unique lighting, sound, visuals, or a full on custom booth structure, make sure that you don’t get lost in the sea of booths. The ultimate goal of an eye-catching booth is to tie in your unique design with what your company offers. Read More

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Einsteins’ Favorites: Fresh Event Perspectives, 5 Event Fears, and Elation Lighting at Comicon

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Here are a few of our favorite articles that were recently posted!

5 Ways to Create Fresh Perspectives at Your Next Event

Fresh PerspectivesWe all know that a lot of events and multiple-day conferences involve a lot of sitting, listening, and waiting throughout a day with a packed schedule from morning to night. It takes a fresh perspective to keep your audience active and engaged throughout these long conferences, meetings, and events. Studies have shown that attendees can get an immediate boost to their attention span and retentiveness by taking part in a short aerobic exercise. Short aerobic exercises can be turned into team building and learning experiences to add to your event. It breaks up the monotony and keeps your audience’s attention. It can also be used to give attendees an outdoor break. Some time outside in the fresh air can do wonders to reenergize and lift spirits. It increases blood flow and cognition, improving attendees’ ability to retain everything they learn at your event.

Read more here: http://j.mp/Xi91I9 Read More


Drive Audience Engagement with a Social Media Wall

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With social media exploding and more people flocking to new online platforms to share their lives with friends, we thought we’d share our experiences with the Social Media Wall and how event organizers have used Social Media Walls to drive audience engagement at their events.

I recently went to a really cool tech conference and realized that I was really active before the event started – checking the event group, reading up on networking opportunities and interacting with my fellow attendees. But as soon as the event started, I lost that social media connection. The entire social media ‘pre-party’ ended abruptly and the event didn’t give me a reason to tweet, message or connect my social media network to this event. Read More

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Einsteins’ Favorites: Your Conference is a Brand, Social Media Use at Conferences, and Event Video Marketing

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Here are a few of our favorite articles that were recently posted!

1. Yes, Your Conference is a Brand

brandYou may not think so, but your conference is in actuality its own brand. Using the terms Annual Meeting or Expo will seem outdated to today’s younger crowd. Although it is likely that there is still an annual business meeting portion to your conference, attendees attend for many reasons including networking, education, checking out the show floor, and even free food! Evolving and branding your conference will help attract the next generation of participants. Utilizing a grabbing tagline can also add to your brand and get the attention of potential attendees. By updating the branding of your conference you will increase your recognition among potential attendees, increase positive decision making, and increase the emotional connections that are made between your brand and your attendees. Read more here: http://j.mp/1nsOVjc Read More

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