Audience Engagement 101: Guide to Planning Relevant Corporate Events

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Imagine this: It’s 3 o’clock p.m. at the convention center and you are walking into a main session about how to plan an event and engage your audience. Ironically, as you look around, the back row of audience members are asleep, the middle section, maybe 85% of the participants, are on their phones playing Angry Birds, the next row is thinking about playing Angry Birds but don’t want to be disruptive, and the first row is actively engaging. Sound familiar?

With business conferences, trade shows, and networking events on the rise, effective participant engagement and creating an environment to harvest creativity and information sharing has been put on the back burner. I understand, content is key. However, you can have the most interesting content in the world but it can be rendered worthless without engaged participants; one yawn can put an entire audience to sleep.

Therefore, I think it is important to start focusing on how to create a fun and exciting environment, one that can promote or influence the ideas and connections CEOs hope for when sending company reps to a conference.

With this said, I would like to introduce to you our new blog series – Audience Engagement 101: A Guide to Planning Relevant Corporate Events! This series will aim to share and promote how forward-thinking event planners are exploring unconventional ways to inspire and catalyze innovations and creativity within corporate events and therefore, the workplace.

3 Radical Ideas to Transform a Main Session from Boring to Brilliant

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Avoid an AV Disaster

How to Avoid an AV Disaster: Webinar with Will

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It’s easy to make big audio-visual mistakes that could be costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. During this webinar, Will Curran, president of event production company Endless Entertainment, will let you in on event AV suppliers’ deepest, darkest secrets. You’ll learn how to save money on AV production, and you’ll find out how to get the most from AV at your event. Curran comes to the table with years of experience in providing AV solutions to top events such as San Diego Comic Con, Phoenix Comicon, Color Run, and hundreds of corporate events and concerts. Read More

Tribute in Light - PHX

Tribute in Light; Endless to Honor 9/11

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Yesterday, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people took time out of their days to commemorate a tragedy that will forever leave a lasting impression in our culture. Yesterday was the 13th anniversary to one of the most devastating dates in modern history – September 11, 2001.

All 2,983 names were read off in the Ground Zero Memorial Park to the victims’ families in attendance and that evening was the first time the memorial was open to the public until midnight. Indeed, it was a very powerful ceremony and I commend those who not only have to live through such horrific nightmares but those who also made such a beautiful ceremony possible. As a contributor to the event industry, I believe I can speak for the entire industry when I say your hard work and tireless efforts to honor those who lost their lives, the fallen heroes, and the families affected do not go unnoticed. The event industry can be one of the most stressful careers at times but seeing how an event can affect and empower even just a single audience member is the reason why we do what we do. Read More

Webinar with Will

Millennial Generation in the Workplace; Webinar with Will

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The Millennial Generation

We’ve heard it all, from the “Keep Calm and Carry on Generation”  to the “Me Me Me Generation,” in my opinion I think we should be known as the “Selfie Sunday Generation,” the fact is that the Millennial Generation has been a hot topic long since we entered the contributing class. Are we good or are we bad? Maybe we’re okay… seems no one can decide!

If you need some reassurance in your generation or would like to hear how a Millennial Entrepreneur runs a “mega-event” business with a team of Millennials, tune in to a Q&A formatted Webinar with Will, President and CEO of Endless Entertainment here!

When, How, and Why

The webinar starts at 10:30 am MST on Wednesday, September 10 (register here). “This is 30 minutes of useful insight into managing your new employees to maximum performance. We will learn strengths of all three generations, and how to coach and retain our Millennial generation team members.”

zero-waste event

How to Plan for a Zero-Waste Event

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First and foremost, what is a Zero-Waste event?

A zero-waste event can be any function, a wedding, a corporate party, or even a high school dance, with the target of limiting the amount of material that goes into the landfill.

This means recycling and composting. In recent years, more and more event planners have been looking towards zero-waste programs to help reduce the ecological footprint of their events and therefore their organizations.

Some groups that have been hitting the headlines lately for exemplary efforts for hosting a zero-waste event includes, but is not limited to: Arizona State University, Clinton Global Initiative University, Walmart, Crate & Barrel, and The Phoenix Open. Read how Duke made their opening football game zero-waste here!

The great thing about planning for a zero-waste event is that it does not take much to execute effectively. All it takes is a little time and the know-how to plan for it, we’ve got you covered on the know-how; below are 7 tips you need to effectively plan for a Zero-Waste Event! Read More


[VIDEO] How to Plan on a Budget—and Still Be Innovative

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On June 19th, 2014, BizBash held the Event Innovation Forum where industry specialists could give talks pertaining to their specializations and how their knowledge can help others in the events industry. Todd Hawkins, C.E.O. and President of Todd’s Group, gave a talk that day about how to plan on a budget without sacrificing innovation. As an event professional working in the non-profit sector, Hawkins is no stranger to planning events on a tight budget. He speaks about his experience planning non-profit events and how his experience can be applied throughout the industry. Todd Hawkins conveys his experiences and tips in the video below:

Video: Read More


7 Ways Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Event

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Did you know that – according to Forbes – there are more than 900,000 mobile apps within the Apple store and another 800,000+ on Google Play? Did you also know that more than 45% of companies still do not have their own mobile app for their company? With the mobile app revolution on an upward trend, it is baffling to see that most companies still have no interest in one of the most profitable marketing outlets since online ads and/or do not consider mobile app development a priority for their business.

To put all of this information into perspective, consider applying the facts to your business. Read More


Endless Attends Catalyst Week in Las Vegas

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Danny Fancher and Alisha Rickman, Endless’ Operations and Event Staff Managers respectively, set off for downtown Las Vegas last week to attend and take part in Catalyst Week. The event took place from Wednesday, August 20th to Saturday, August 23rd, 2014.

Catalyst Week, put on by CatalystCreativ, brings together leaders from many different locations and backgrounds. The Catalyst Week website describes the week as such: Read More


FYF Fest 2014 – The Good & The Bad

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FYF Fest is an annual music festival, focusing mainly on indie rock and electronic music, that takes place in downtown Los Angeles. The festival was started in 2004 by Torrance, California native Sean Carlson as a club festival. The popularity of the festival has exploded since then, moving from the Echo to LA Historic State Park. This year, FYF took place at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park on August 23rd & 24th, 2014. Let’s take a look at the good and the bad of the music, food, and event layout/management at FYF this year. Read More

beatles 50th

Hollywood Bowl Hosts The Beatles’ 50th

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On August 23rd, 1964, The Beatles played the Hollywood Bowl for the first time. With tickets ranging from $3-$7, the international sensation of a band sold 18,700 tickets, selling out the Hollywood Bowl in less than three and a half hours. And this is before the internet! That’s some serious in-person ticket sales! On August 23rd, 24th, and 25th of this year, the Hollywood Bowl hosted three 50th anniversary shows commemorating their monumental debut at the historic venue, bringing Beatlemania to Los Angeles in full-force. Read More

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