Four Tips to Keep Event Crashers Away

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When you have an amazing event it is likely you will have a few event crashers try to show up. Perhaps the most famous event crashers are Michaele and Tareq Salahi from Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of D.C.”. We all remember when they crashed the White House Dinner. It made the front page of every magazine and was on the headline news. So how do you avoid this at your next event? Below are a few suggestions on how to keep event crashers out. If you follow these steps it will greatly diminish the chance of event crashers crashing your event.

1. Hire Event Security

When you have an event hiring security is an absolute must, no matter how calm or small the event.They will be there to handle anything from a rowdy guest, an event crasher or any other event emergency. Security is an excellent way of keeping event crashers away from your event. Most event crashers will be deterred when they find out your event has security. Place security at all exit and entry points for your event. Having security at entry points will diminish the risk of having an event crasher considerably.

2. Use Scannable Badges

Today it is super easy for event crashers to fake tickets, wristbands and hand stamps with technology. Scannable badges are much harder for event crashers to fake. The best way to create a secure scannable badge is to use a QR code. They are reliable and scannable by most smartphones. For these reasons we think QR Code should be the barcode of choice for your next event to keep the event crashers away.

3. Create a Digital Guest List

Paper guest lists can be a pain. They are harder to update, and a waste of resources. It can also be time-consuming to look up people on your guest list making it easy for event crashers to slip past the check-in line without being noticed. In order to keep event crashers away it is in your best interest to use a digital guest list. It is easier to avoid event crashers when you have an up-to-date and searchable guest list on a Ipad or tablet. Digital guests lists will not only help to keep event crashers out, but save time at check-in keeping your check in times fast and your guests happy.

4. Check Guest ID’s at Check-In

Even with digital guests lists, and bar codes on badges it is important to check your guests ID upon arrival. Checking ID’s in the first place will help keep event crashers away. If you do not check guests ID’s an event crasher could easily use someone else’s name to get into the event.

In conclusion, an event crasher can be someone who heard about your event and just wanted to have a good time, or your worst enemy showing up to sabotage the event. Either way they are uninvited guest and need to be handled by event security. While it is best to take all measures to avoid event crashers sometimes the best of them still get in and when they do have your event security handle the situation, not yourself. The last thing you want is your event ruined by you fighting off an unwanted guest. You will look unprofessional and it could definitely ruin your event.

Have you had an event crasher at your event? Comment below and share your story!

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Event Trends: Marquee Signs

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One of our very favorite event trends right now is the use of marquee signs for event decor. From concerts, corporate events, trade shows and weddings marquee signs are being used everywhere for a stunning visual impact.

This event trend is a great nod to the past. Marquee signs are nothing new. In the past marquee signs were used typically above a hotel or theatre. A marquee is often identifiable by a surrounding cache of light bulbs creating a warm glow of light. Some Marquee signs will even blink or flash for a more dramatic design statement.


We love the event trend of using  marquee signs for event decor. From the use of letters to logos and symbols for events, this is a trend that we think will stick around for years to come. Using marquee signs for event decor will also help to create a fun and festive ambience for your event.

This event trend is  exceptionally great for events with a nod to the past such as a 1920′s or Great Gatsby themed event. However, marquee signs are not limited to any theme and are extremely versatile. It is safe to say using marquee signs is a great event trend to jump on no matter what type of event you are having.

Above band Every Time I Die joined in on the marquee sign event trend by using a custom logo marquee sign as their backdrop for their stage on the 2013 All Stars Tour.

Another unique way to incorporate this event trend is by using marquee signs to mark key spots in your event such as the bar, cocktail lounge or photo booth.

Are you planning your next event? Contact us now to start planning!

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Stage Design and Event production at the Phoenix Digital Summit

Event Spotlight – Digital Summit Phoenix Event Production

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This week we have been very busy at Digital Summit Phoenix! Digital Summit Phoenix was at the Phoenix Convention Center located in the heart of Phoenix. We enjoyed providing the event production for Digital Summit Phoenix. For the event production we brought dynamic staging for all three rooms. We also provided the summit with sound and lighting. Other decorative elements were also added such as as the stage design you can see below in the photo. Our Account Manager Cait created the unique stage design using lighting and truss structures. Our amazing staff of event managers Kayli and Matt made sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks to them and the other staff all of the variables and elements we were brought together allowing the Digital Summit Phoenix to go off without a hitch!

Roy Sekoff President and Co-creator, HuffPost Live speaking at the Lunch Keynote.

If you aren’t familiar according to their website, “Digital Summit Phoenix is a premier digital strategies forum with a goal of educating and promoting forward thinking and thought leadership on topics related to internet business and marketing. Digital Summit Phoenix is presented by TechMedia, the leading producer of regional digital forums in the United States, serving thousands of digital professionals every year.”

We enjoyed providing the event production for Digital Summit Phoenix at the Phoenix Convention Center and can’t wait to see what the event offers next year!

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Endless Entertainment goes to Disneyland!

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At Endless Entertainment we believe that company culture is one of the most important parts of our business. We work a lot of long hours at events and as we all know events are hectic busy days with lots of hard work. We believe in rewarding our staff for jobs well done to show our appreciation for how hard they work. It is absolutely essential for any business to acknowledge employees and make them feel valued.

We thought a trip to Disneyland would be a great way to reward the top performers on the staff! We chose Disneyland because it was a great place to take a break from reality, have fun and be youthful (two of our core values!).

We spent the first day of the trip in Disneyland and of course snagged a few photos with the iconic castle and Disney himself! Some of our favorite rides from this day were Splash and Space Mountain.

IMG_0130IMG_0140The next day we headed over to California Adventures! We spent the day there enjoying rides like Tower of Terror, and seeing the amazing Cars Land. If you haven’t been yet make sure to check out Cars Land, it felt just like you were in the movie!!IMG_0147Overall we had a blast visiting Disneyland for a much deserved break! Enjoy a few more of our favorite photos below!disneycollage.jpgAre you rewarding your team? Comment below and let us know how!


How To Use Social Media To Create Immersive Event Experience

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Using social media at events is a great way to create an interactive guest experience. You can also use social media as a tool to promote your event. When incorporating social media into your event guests will be able to post live tweets or photos of the event onto projectors or TV’s strategically placed around the event. It is a fun way for guests to get involved. Having social media interaction at your event will benefit the attendees by creating an immersive experience. However, that is not all it will do. Having guests use social media at events will also create awareness and promotion of your event to the public outside of your event on social media. So how do you successfully incorporate social media into your live event? Below are two of the best ways to do so!

Twitter Live Feed

Twitter allows for a real-time conversation at and about your events. To make twitter live feeds successful incorporate a hashtag specific to the event. This will allow guests to use the hashtag to join or influence the event conversation. Use a program like TweetDeck to manage your feed and see incoming posts.

Assign a person to stay on TweetDeck to manage the conversations and respond quickly to anything attendees post. This will keep guests acknowledged and engaged. Retweet anything you find engaging to make guests feel even more special.

Don’t just stop at live interaction. Use a system like Buffer to schedule tweets throughout the day. You can include posts for when key speakers sessions are, networking opportunities and events, a morning tweet about key events of the day, even contests. By scheduling tweets ahead of time you can save time at the event and allow you to focus your efforts on activities as they happen. When speaking about guests and speakers be sure to use their twitter handle within your tweet for additional engagement and visibility.

Be sure to use twitter to the fullest by placing moderated live-feeds throughout the conference so everyone can see tweets. This will encourage guests to become engaged. You could have a TV with the tweets at check in, and throughout main areas. Another great way to incorporate twitter is to have guests tweet questions at speakers, and when time for questions after the presentations allow speakers to answer questions directly from twitter.



Instagram is a great way to show people visually what your event is like. You can have attendees post a live feed of your event. Also, Instagram is a fantastic way to show guests glimpses of the behind the scenes at events.

A unique option we offer at Endless Entertainment is Instagram-to-Screen. At your event guests can use the popular social media app Instagram to take photos. Your guests will then post their photos to instagram with your events designated hashtag. After photos are uploaded to Instagram with your event hashtag the photo will be sent to our event Instagram monitor which will sort through and add approved photos into a queue that will stream on your screens and monitors throughout the event. Guests love seeing their images they took large on the screen and it adds a great way for people to interact and create memories. Ask our account managers about using Instagram-to-Screen at your next event.

Make sure to use to photos from Instagram to post on other social media as well such as Facebook updates and twitter.


No matter which social media platform you use, it is important to create one hashtag for the event. Post this hashtag on every event promotion. Make sure to keep the hashtag short and simple. Keep it at the bottom of your social media screens, make announcements and do everything you can to keep the hashtag strong. If you do not variations of the hashtag will begin to pop up and you will have fewer people using the correct one making your social media streaming not as powerful.

If you are interested in using live twitter feeds or Instagram-to-Screen contact us to get started!

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Tips & Tricks for Live Blogging an Event

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Live blogging an event can be a very valuable and effective resource to your readers if it’s done correctly. Providing useful information to your readers will help them turn to you when they are looking for future event coverage. However, if done poorly, customers may easily unsubscribe and move on to other forms of coverage.

By taking steps to live blog effectively, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable, in-the-know resource for your customer base.

Preparing for the Event

Unlike normal blogging, live blogging requires a bit of preparation. One of the first things you should consider when planning to live blog an event is the access to your blog. Whether it will be through an Internet connection or through your broadband cell phone service, make sure you will be accessible to your readers. Planning this out ahead of time will make sure things go smoothly.

Choose Your Weapon

The next step should pertain to what device you are going to use at the event. For instance, if you are going to a motorcycle conference or show, you may consider live blogging with a smart phone if you are planning on taking a lot of pictures. Knowing what device is best for the event you are attending will make your coverage much more successful. However, remember that you can always switch from your phone to your laptop/tablet if you feel it‘s necessary. Use whatever device you feel comfortable with, and mix and match with different devices when needed.

You should also consider the environment of the conference or event you will be attending — the size and structure of the event should also be considered when determining what device you will use. And make sure to test your equipment and fully charge your devices before the big day, so you can do your best to alleviate any technical difficulties beforehand.

During the Event

Keep in mind that there are bound to be mistakes made when live blogging. Whether it’s typos or grammatical errors, mistakes will arise that are unavoidable due to blogging in real time. Try your best to catch them, but don’t stress out about being perfect. Knowing that errors will be made, don’t get down on yourself. Instead, strive to convey the information from the event as detailed and genuinely as possible to your readers.

Also try your best to be respectful of others around you. Make sure to keep your phone on silent or vibrate, and keep your flash off when taking pictures of speakers. If you avoid becoming a distraction to others, your coverage will go well.

Live Blogging Tools

Remember that live blogging on your already-created blog isn’t the only resource available to you. There are a few live blog tools that are made to make your live blogging experience easier. Consider trying the “Live Blogging” plugin from WordPress, which lets users create a single post that can be updated live without having to refresh your browser. Other tools to think about include CoverItLive and ScribbleLive.

Execute Your Coverage Successfully

The next time you’re going to live blog an event, consider these tips and tricks to make sure the experience goes as smoothly as possible. Remember to plan accordingly, be considerate of others and take advantage of various live blogging tools that can make your life easier.

Adrienne is a social media marketer and marketing writer. She loves studying social campaigns to see what makes them tick. To see more of her work, follow @adrienneerin on Twitter.



How to Successfully Plan a Crowdfunding Event

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Are you planning a crowdfunding event for your project? If you want your crowdfunding event to be successful, you have to make sure to prepare and do your homework. Raising the money that you need is easier when you exercise sound advice.

Set a realistic financial goal

Defining the success of your event depends greatly on your financial goals. Setting a goal of a million dollars for your first crowdfunding event is unreasonable. It important to set a realistic

goal for your crowdfunding event so that your hopes are not dashed.

Share how the money will be used

Contributors to your project are eager to know how their resources are being used. It’s a good idea set clear expectations for how their money is be utilized to build trust and gain more supporters. If a crowdfunding project seems fishy or unclear, investors may shy away from getting involved. Be honest with how the money will be used to develop a trusting relationship with contributors, and they may be more inclined to sponsor you in the future.

Develop a project pitch and proposal

A poor project proposal and pitch will get your project ignored. If you want to attract people to your crowdfunding event, developing a sound pitch is crucial. When you believe in the power of your project, others will too. Spend a few weeks creating a clear message for your project that resounds with potential investors. Construct a solid, well-defined proposal, and have those you trust make suggestions for improving it.

Organize a campaign video

Designing a campaign video for your crowdfunding event is an excellent way to generate interest and to inform others of your plans. Keep your video less than two minutes long, and keep the message straight to the point. Market your video on social media platforms to get as many people interested in your crowdfunding event as possible.

Offer some perks

When a person or a business gives a small or a significant contribution, offer them a small reward and recognition for their help. Decide on simple ways that you can reward your supporters, and they will keep you in mind.

Use a reputable site

Make sure that the crowdfunding site that you post on is legitimate, or you may find yourself duped. There are a variety of sites that you can use to launch your event, so choose an appropriate site to gain exposure. Some suggestions are Crowdrise, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Startup Valley, and RocketHub. In addition to your crowdfunding site, you should set up a regular website for your project to establish visibility, and to let supporters see what you are doing.

Set up banking for donations

Before you can collect donations, it is imperative to set up an account like PayPal or Amazon to gather the money. This step must be done and takes a few days to process, so complete this task long before you launch your campaign.

Many crowdfunding events fail due to poor planning and a lack of project definition. Do not doom your event for failure before it even begins. Research other successful crowdfunding campaigns for ideas. Do not be discouraged if your first crowdfunding event is not a raging success. As you develop more experience and clout with investors, your contributions will grow. Use this advice to organize a successful crowdfunding event that generates enough funding to make the project you love come to life.

Derek is currently blogging for Startupvalley, a platform that offers crowd funding for entrepreneurs. He enjoys blogging about different crowdfunding trends and news.

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Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Event

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When you are planning a large event you it is very easy to start thinking about it all of the time. You begin losing sleep worrying if you chose the right table linens, if people will like your food choices, and if people will have a great time. Event planning is stressful and can drive even the most calm people to the brink of a meltdown. Obsessing over all the details is not the way to go about planning. Instead follow our tips below to help you have a fun and stress free planning process and final event!

Stay Focused on the Final Result - When planning your event it is super easy to get caught up in the small details. However, you need to stay focused and remember why you are having your event. By keeping the cause for your event in mind you are able to remember what is really important. This will allow you clarity while planning and the help you make decisions. With your newfound clarity prioritize what is important so you can then focus on what needs the most attention.

Break Down Your Event Down Into Small Pieces - Once you have found your events main priorities you will now be able to break down your event into small pieces. Creating a list of things that need done ranking them from most important to least can help you stay on track. If at any point you find something on the list that is no longer a priority delete it and free up that time for something that is. If your list still seems daunting try to find members of your team to designate certain tasks to. Working with a team will help alleviate a lot of your planning stress and pressure.

Don’t Sweat the Small Things - If you planned on having white table clothes, but later on decided they should have been off white do not sweat it. Little details like this can drive you to insanity. However, ask yourself if this is really worth worrying over. Will guests even notice if your tablecloths are off white? Will they notice if you went with a less expensive more simple floral centerpiece to cut costs? I doubt it.

Unless it is on your list of top priorities do not sweat it. Once you make a decision on something like a linen color, floral, or invitation don’t go back and second guess yourself. It will only waste your time and add unnecessary stress.

Instead of sweating the small details focus on major elements that will allow your guests to have a great experience such as a great DJ or band that keeps them dancing all night, an interactive food station or a super fun circus act.

Keep It Simple -  Keep your event true to your cause. If something you see isn’t relevant to your event no matter how cool it is do not add it on. Only use elements of design, entertainment, and giveaways that add value for your attendants.

Make your design and details tailored to your event so it is personal and well thought out. There is no point in having an a lot of extravagant event details just for the heck of it, instead choose a few that really fit your event theme and keep it simple.

Enjoy Your Event -  You worked really hard picking out all your perfect details for your event. Once your event finally arrives just sit back and enjoy it! Be sure to hire others to manage your event production day of so you do not need to worry about any of it.

At Endless Entertainment we know it is easier said than done to relax at your own event. This is why we send out an Event Manager to every event to ensure event production goes off without a hitch. They are there to take care of all elements of your event such as managing the DJ, making sure announcements are made, and your lights look just right so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your event!

Are you planning an event? In need of event production? Don’t stress contact us now to get started planning your amazing event!

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Event Spotlight – Divergent Red Carpet Movie Premiere – Tempe, Arizona

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We had the amazing opportunity to work with Allied Integrated Marketing on the Red Carpet Premiere of Divergent, the latest young adult novel turned film.

Displaying DJ and Harkins Sign.jpgDisplaying IMG_4635.jpg

It was a star-studded event celebrity appearances from actors Miles Teller and Jai Courtney, who play antagonists in the movie directed by Neil Burger based on the Veronica Roth teen novel. Even the Arizona Cardinals cheerleaders came out! Displaying IMG_4630.jpg

We provided the Red Carpet, DJ, and staging for the Red Carpet Premiere.

A few of our staff members are huge fans of Divergent and had the opportunity to see the film early. We loved it and definitely worth going to see this action packed film. You will not be disappointed!

The movie comes out today so make sure to go see it!!

photo credit: Andrew Langdal


Event Swag Ideas

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Event swag is always something attendees look forward to, who doesn’t love a free giveaway? However, when choosing your event swag you need to put in some thought. Don’t let your attendees down and waste your money by giving them something like a key chain or a pen they will never use again! When deciding what your event swag will be think about your audience and what would be useful to them. The idea of swag is for it to be used and become a reminder of your brand or event. It would be wise to put thought into this you do not waste your money on something attendees will likely pitch the first chance they get. Below are a few great swag options that are likely to be appreciated by any recipient.

Notebooks - Most people still love notebooks, it is proven that writing down notes or thoughts helps you remember them better. Why not get custom notebooks for your conference or symposium? Your attendees will love taking notes from the speakers in their brand new notebooks. Giving them a notebook will allow attendees to have a designated place for writing down notes and thoughts at your conference. Chances are they will be referencing their notebook well after the event and each time they do they will be reminded of your event!

Reusable Water Bottles -  Everyone loves reusable water bottles, they are convenient and green. Not only can you get custom branded bottles for your event with your logo, but you can also cut down on plastic bottles being used at your event making the event a whole lot greener. Reusable water bottles add convenience to attendees event experience. Attendees can save money by not having to keep buying water bottles and instead of carrying around a cup that has to potential to spill they will resealable bottle they can just toss in their bag and go. If you really want to make a great impression a major value add would be if you provided refilling stations for your guests to continue to refill their bottles for free at your event.

One of the most compelling reasons to use reusable water bottles as your event swag is that attendees will reuse the bottles long after the event. This means they will be bringing your branded bottle with them everywhere. This is a great added promotional bonus for your event and brand. If you are looking for a spin on the reusable water bottle a travel coffee mug is another fan favorite your guests will love.

Conference Welcome Bags - Welcome bags are especially great for multi-day events. You can pass them out when attendees arrive and check in. It is best to put your care package into a reusable bag they can carry throughout the conference. Stock the bag full of goodies to help attendees get through your event such as; Advil, breath mints, vitamin c packs, maps of the conference area, schedules of speakers, snacks and more. Guests are sure to appreciate a thoughtful package that helps them make it through the conference with ease!

Packed Flash Drives - Stop giving away empty flash drives. Instead, pack the flash drive full of something beneficial to your attendees. The possibilities are endless, you could put a media kit about your company on the flash drives, an e-book relevant to the event, or for something truly unique pack the flash drive full of the slide shows from conference speakers so guests can easily reference them at a later point.

What is the best swag you have gotten at an event? Comment below and let us know.

Photo Credit: Welcome bags from Engaged 2013

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